The Price of Freedom
Greece in World Affairs 1939-1953

Syracuse University Press,1953

In 1953, Syracuse University Press published his Master’s Thesis under the title
The Price of Freedom, Greece in World Affairs 1939-1953. It was the first time in its history that Syracuse University Press published a Master’s Thesis.

The book was reviewed, among others, by prominent historian Hans Kohn in the
Book Review of the New York Times. He wrote: “This well-written book unfolds before us a story of two-fold interest for the present day. It shows how one of the strategic trouble spots of the world can become the focus of international tensions. At the same time, the Communist intrigues and maneuvers in Greece between 1940 and 1948 offer a lesson…how to defend against similar attempts at subversion.”

A.O. Sarkissian of the Library of Congress wrote in the Political Science Quarterly of Columbia University: This story of gallantry in the midst of misery, generosity, altruism and cooperation is well told by one who was a participant in many of the events described in this book.”