On Government and Politics
Belmont, CA 1968, Wadsworth Publishing Company

In 1968, Wadsworth published Kousoulas' pioneering work
On Government and Politics; A Comparative Introduction. Departing from the prevailing format of grouping in one volume detailed studies of governmental systems in three or four major countries, Professor Kousoulas opted for a study of the essential features and functions of government by drawing illustrations and insights from a variety of countries.
The book was published between 1968 and 1983 in five updated editions and over the years was used as a core text for the introduction to Political Science by over 150 colleges and universities in the United States and abroad.

From the Table of Contents:

  • Why Study Politics?
  • The Political System: Components and Dynamics
  • The Formal Dimension: Constitutional Foundations
  • Political Power: Its Concentration and Diffusion
  • Socialization: The Making of a Political Being
  • Public Opinion
  • Pressure Groups: The Quest for Influence
  • Political Parties: The Search for Power
  • Decision Makers: Various Routes to Power
  • Decision Making: Command, Representative, and Participatory Politics
  • The Lawmaking Apparatus
  • The Executive Machinery
  • Implementation and the Bureaucracy
  • Adjudication and Enforcement
  • The Content and Objectives of Rules and Decisions
  • Government and the Economy
  • Public Policy and Defense
  • Foreign Policy and the International System